Leadership - Chief and Council

The following are the new Chief and Council for 2015.
Specific portfolios for the councillors are still to be determined.


Lorne Stewart

  • 100A Land Claim (Shared with Council)
  • Membership
  • Saskatchewan River Business Corporation (SRBC)
  • Assembly of First Nations (AFN)
  • Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations (FSIN)
  • Prince Albert Grand Council (PAGC)
  • Nortep Board of Governor
  • Major Projects





Vice Chief Rene Chaboyer

  • Housing
  • Roads and Maintenance
  • Saskatchewan River Business Corporation (SRBC)
  • Economic Development (Shared with Chief Stewart)






Angus McKenzie

  • Social Development
  • Lands and Resources
  • ICFS







Emily Laliberte

  • Education & Post Secondary
  • Elders Council
    • J.B. Days







William (Bill) Cook

  • Health
  • Justice
  • Sports & Recreation