Tansi, the Cumberland House Cree Nation signed an adhesion to Treaty 5 on September 24, 1875. Formerly known as the Cumberland House Band, there are a total of five reserves designated for the Cumberland House Cree Nation.

The Custom Election Act 2009 was recently amended and the Chief and Council now serve three year terms as of March 2012. We use the Custom Electoral System also known as Band Custom where we make our own rules and regulations regarding elections.

Cree is spoken in the “n” dialect and we are predominantly Swampy Cree as set out when we signed the adhesion to Treaty 5.

The five reserves are:

1.    Budd’s Point 20 D (it's an island across the river from Tearing River)
2.    Cumberland House Cree Nation 20
3.    Muskeg River 20C
4.    Pine Bluff 20A
5.    Pine Bluff 20B


Declaring and Enforcing a local state of emergency

Declaring and Enforcing a local state of emergency

Notice of Christmas Distributions

Notice of Christmas Distributions
The 2015 CHCN Election for Chief and Council has concluded

Online Ballot Count

The ballot count was displayed online as the ballots were being counted.
To see the final results visit ballotcount.ca/chcn


Should you have any questions please contact:

  • Chief Electoral Officer Jennifer Stewart at 306.888.7867
  • Deputy Electoral Officer Cyril Laliberty at 306.888.7008


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